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Traits of the Tiger

The third sign of the Chinese Zodiac is the Tiger. In the Eastern world, it is the Tiger who is considered the king of beasts, as opposed the lion of the West. In keeping with the sovereignty of the Tiger, those who carry this sign are respected and feared.
They are said to bring with them power, good fortune and an air of royalty. Many believe powerful Emperors will be reincarnated under the sign of the Tiger.
Tiger people typically have magnetic personalities and they usually assume an air of authority. Other people are drawn to the energy and natural leadership of the Tiger.
Courageous and fearsome, Tigers will face most situations with confidence and grace, even when leading others into dangerous or uncertain circumstances.
On the other hand, Tiger people are calm, gentle mysterious and soft. They are fiercely loyal, and tend to have long lasting, stable friendships, even as those relationships rock with the moods of the Tiger.
Enthusiastic, determined and optimistic, Tigers are often admired by those who know them. Tigers are very secure with themselves and their decisions. They are comfortable following their instincts and enjoy the unpredictable.
Tigers do well in a business atmosphere and do well to start their own business. Tigers enjoy doing things themselves and thrive under the pressure of new, exciting experiences. They face the unusual or difficult with unwavering confidence.
Those born under the tiger are usually straightforward, open and honest. However, they do not respond well to feeling trapped, emotionally. In this situation a Tiger will either withdraw completely or will become aggressive and attack the person trying to corner him.
Once they calm and recover their confidence and security, the Tiger will return to the situation and try again. In general, the Tiger is a sound partner, and a reliable friend. Having Tiger in your life will assure that life is never boring.

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