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Traits of the Snake

The sixth house of the Chinese Zodiac is the Snake. Snakes are traditionally considered the wisest and most mysterious of all the signs. They are a bundle of contradictions.
Snake people are natural communicators and enjoy stimulating and varied conversations. They easily become bored by every day discussions. To keep the attention of a snake, you must find interesting, new or cutting edge things to talk about. Once you lose their attention, there is no getting it back.
Those born under the sign of snake are gifted at evaluating a situation. They can easily see the underlying nuances of any situation and they use their innate wisdom to evaluate and make judgments.
This makes them wonderfully suited to work in the financial realm. A snake would thrive on Wall Street. They also find happiness studying religion, philosophy, or psychology. They do not do well in repetitive or boring jobs.
Snake people are problem solvers and while they will listen with empathy and openness to the ideas and opinions of others, they are not influenced by those opinions. Snake people make up their own minds and stick to their guns.
Sometimes, however, this strong sense of confidence gets the snake into trouble. They are not good at taking advice, even when they know they need it. This causes the snake to make mistakes they could have avoided simply by hearing the experiences of those they trust.
Ever watchful for the new and unusual, the Snake will be the first person to embrace a new idea or technology. They love the finer things in life, a good book, superb meal, extraordinary music. However, snakes have no patience for activities the view as foolish or frivolous.
Snake people are good friends and good citizens. They believe in helping where they are needed and are patient teachers.

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