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Traits of the Pig

The last symbol in the circle of Chinese Astrology is the Pig. In western culture, this sign is often renamed the Boar in order to avoid any negative association with some of the slang definitions of the word pig.
Trustworthy, dependable, peaceful, and reserved, these are the cornerstone traits of the pig.
People born under the sign of the pig are quiet and reserved. To strangers a pig person will come across disinterested and aloof. They make acquaintances easily, and usually seem to have many friends. However, true friendship is a matter that must be closely guarded.
You must earn the trust of the pig to be granted the honor of close friendship. They share their feelings with precious few.
Once you have won the trust of a pig, you will find them to be open and giving. They cherish their friends and enjoy finding ways to show how much they care.
Their natural honest and dependable nature allows others to trust them easily, and they would never even dream of breaking that trust.
Pig People are usually shy. Pigs are content to work behind the scenes, away from the limelight and they typically do not seek credit or recognition.
Quiet and introspective, pig People are at home with nature. They would much rather go for a quiet hike than hang out at the mall. At the same time, they prefer to be homebodies. They feel secure close to home and do not like taking risks or exploring new territory.
Pig People are very concerned with what is socially acceptable. They are not trendsetters, preferring instead to follow rather than lead.
Reflective in nature, pigs will withdraw from a problem or disagreement to consider the situation. When they return, it will be with an eye to solving the problem to make both parties happy.

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