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Traits of the Horse

The seventh house of the Chinese Zodiac is the Horse.
Like a wild mustang, horse people are said to be independent, and confident. They tend to be free spirits who need ample space to run free. They intensely dislike feeling confined or penned up.
Horse people are good at thinking on their feet. This tendency to be quick witted combined with natural horse sense means prosperity, luck and happiness are the horses pasture.
Giving, attentive and good listeners, horse people make great friends and partners. They are gentle with the thoughts and feelings of others. Although, horse people tend to get excited and aren’t very good at keeping secrets.
They don’t mean to betray trust, their enthusiasm just get the best of them. Horses are known for their honesty and determination. Horse people know how to set a goal and achieve it.
Known for being intelligent, most horse people will tell you they are cunning, not smart. Theyre great with numbers and have a natural aptitude for recognizing patterns.
Horse people are the life of the party, the center of attention, and they love every minute of it.
Do you have an innovative new idea? Go find horse person to share it with. They will be the first to tell you how wonderful it is. And, they’re excitement will help spur you into action. Who knows, maybe some of their wonderful horse wisdom and advice will give you a start on making your idea a reality.
Of course, all this energy, enthusiasm, and spontaneity can lead the horse astray. They are prone to jumping from one great idea to the next, without finishing much.
Carefree and persuasive, you’d never guess that the horse does such a great job of hiding their inner feelings and doubts about themselves or their abilities.
Also, those born under the sign of the horse will do very well to avoid those who carry the sign of the Rat. it could lead to explosive results

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