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Traits of the Element of Wood

The element of Wood represents the direction East. Those who are born with this element tend to yearn for stability and tradition.
In China, wood is also associated with bamboo. Bamboo, of course, is a strong, flexible, and long shoot which grows in marsh areas. If follows then, that wood people are flexible, emotionally strong and dependable. A wood person will stick with you through good and bad times, unwavering of their support.
Wood people are interested in social issues and strive to leave the poor and helpless of our world with a sense of independence and change. Although, they can be idealistic and that trait can be the cause of emotional angst when plans don’t follow the perfect path.
Wood people do well in social work or working with children.
Working with others is easy for wood people, as they truly enjoy the process of cooperation and compromise.
Like trees, wood people seek to expand their roots. They enjoy learning and thrive in social situations. Wood people do not do well as hermits or loners, lack of interaction with other people will lead to unhappiness.
Spring is the season of growth and newness. Represented by browns and greens, spring is the season when life begins and flourishes. The same is said of those with the wood element. They are sensual, and are able to see the beauty in everyday situations. Wood people will be productive in all they strive to accomplish
Generous and warm, wood people spread happiness, confidence and joy where ever they go.
However, wood also carries with it anger. Wood people are prone to temper.
In the body, wood element rules the liver and gallbladder. Yin people must take great care to keep the liver in top condition, for this is their weak point. Those with Yang orientation, the gallbladder is the point of concern.

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