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Traits of the Element Metal

Those born in years of the Chinese calendar ending in either zero or one, are said to have the element of Metal. Combined with the person’s animal zodiac symbol, this is used to define and give clues to the personality and future of the person.
The element metal is said to be associated with the Western culture, the season of autumn, the Planet Venus and the color white.
Those born under metal element may have an affinity for Western religion or yearn to break away from tradition. Being close to Venus means those with a metal element are typically romantic, sentimental and kind. A metal person will go out of their way to help you.
Metal governs the lungs. Those with the metal element may be more likely to suffer diseases of the lungs such as asthma.
Organization and stability are the earmarks of the metal element.
Metal people approach life with persistence, emotional strength, and unyielding determination. A metal person knows their goals and will not stop until those goals are met.
Self reliant, sometimes to a fault, metal people can be viewed as aloof and unconcerned with others.
Metal people enjoy the finer things in life. Fine wine, rich chocolates, the sweetness of true love all spark the heart and imagination of those born to metal.
To help maintain internal and emotional balance, metal people should decorate their homes with things that are beautiful to them.
Metal people need to pay attention to the state of their emotions, as they are considered prone to depression and suicide. Taking care to bring happiness and friendship in their life will help decrease this.
Personal space and time for reflection are equally important to those with the metal element. Beautiful scents, flowers and scenery will ease the emotions and feed the souls need for the romantic.

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