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Traits of the Dragon

The Dragon is the only mythical creature in the Chinese Zodiac. As a symbol, the Dragon holds a special place in Chinese culture. Dragons are placed on roofs and above doors to bring strength, health, luck and harmony to the inhabitants. Dragons are said to ward off evil spirits and banish demons to the underworld.
The sign is traditionally associated with the position of Emperor of China, and because of that is known to be omnipotent.
Those born under the sign of the Dragon are attractive and lucky. They are likely to attract wealth and good fortune to their lives.
Dragons are powerful. And they know it.
Dragon people are confident and know how to make an impression. They are usually the center of attention and thrive in that role. Their natural enthusiasm and interest often lead them to positions of power and notice.
Dragon people like to do things big. They are intelligent and when they learn to combine their talents, intelligence and overwhelming energy, the Dragon has no problem fulfilling his, often overly ambitions, goals.
However, the Dragon tends toward the negative and this negativity, if left unchecked, will drive people away in droves. Dragons come across as egocentric, rude, arrogant and ill-tempered.
Jealousy is the Dragons enemy. They must be ever watchful against the tendency to use deceit and plain nastiness against one they feel has wronged them.
The Dragon is a steadfast friend, offering unwavering support in times of great need. With a Dragon by your side, you will never feel abandoned.
Dragons lean toward the grandiose in all things. Whether its money, food, luxury, passion or power, for the Dragon enough is never enough. But along with this tendency toward indulgence, the Dragon possesses the ability to learn, manage and blend the positive and negative traits of this sign.

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