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Traits of Sheep

Eight in the circle of Chinese Astrology is the Sheep. Some cultures refer to this sign as the Ram or Goat.

Whichever you call them, people born to this sign are creative, interesting and emotionally sensitive.

Sheep have a flair for the artistic. Their innate sense of drama and rhythm make them great actors and musicians. In fact, almost the entire list of famous Sheep is comprised of well known actors, cartoonists and musicians. These are beautiful people, who enjoy creating beautiful things.

Sheep people should gift themselves with a career or hobby in the creative arts. Painting or fashion design, or crafting will provide a terrific outlet for all that wonderful Sheep energy.

On the same token, Sheep people need to surround themselves with beautiful things. They can not function when their environment is in disarray or just plain ugly.

Those for whom the Sheep rules are considerate and respectful They will never dream of intentionally hurting your feelings, and being sneaky or manipulative is against their very nature. If a Sheep injures in any way, they will quickly step up and do all within their power to make amends.

The Sheep can be needy and dependant. They need the approval of their family and friends and can sometimes demand a lot of reassurance.

Sensitive and loving, Sheep oftentimes have trouble coping with the harsh realities of our modern world. They cry while watching the news and ache for the crime or war victim. It doesn’t matter that they have never me this person, or that they are half a world away.

The pain and level of caring is the same as if It were themselves or their best friend. Sheep tend to avoid confrontation. Tense situations pull at their natural love of all things. Sheep thrive when they feel protected and loved.

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