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Traits of Rabbit

In the Fourth position of the Chinese Zodiac is the Rabbit.
Rabbits are one of the more emotional and sensitive signs. Emotionally delicate, rabbit people dislike busy or aggressive situations. They will shy away from competition and opt instead for spending their energy arranging their private space in the world.
Those born under the sign of Rabbit have a natural ability when it comes to decorating and entertaining. They have an eye for color and interior design, and are wonderfully adept when it comes to planning the minute details of a beautiful event. They always know the perfect place to put that couch, and the perfect thing to say.
Rabbits are the care-takers of the Chinese Zodiac. Rabbit people enjoy caring for those around them. They make great listeners and are usually the confidant of many.
Thoughtful and personable, Rabbits are ideally suited to serve as politicians, ambassadors or diplomats.
Rabbits fit in well in the world of culture and high society. They are well mannered and enjoy the finer things in life.
Because of their sensitive nature, Rabbits get along well with many people, however, in the depths of their hearts, they are reserved and usually prefer to spend their time quietly engrossed in intellectual pursuits.
The gentle nature of those born under the Rabbit make them timid and anxious. They are not risk takers. A rabbit much prefers the routine and known to the unknown.
Sometimes this will lead the Rabbit to miss or pass up new experiences or a good opportunity. They will almost always choose the safe route.
To the Rabbit, there is nothing more important than calm and security. Although, when they are passionate about something, a rabbit will step out of her den and show the strong, confident and unwavering side of her nature. Rabbit people are patient and slow to anger.

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