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Traits of Monkey

The ninth position on the Chinese Zodiac is held by the ever contradictory Monkey. The monkey is known across China for honesty, justice, sorrow and adultery. At the same time, the symbol of the Monkey is worshiped as a Great Sage, Equal with Heaven
Honesty and trust are the top features of this sign. You can trust a Monkey person with your deepest, darkest secrets and those secrets will go to the grave with your Monkey. In business, your money, ideas and the very company itself is well protected in the hands of the reliable Monkey.
People born under the sign of the Monkey are especially adept when it comes to taking stock of a situation and making good snap decisions.
And, the Monkey person always knows what’s going around her. She can hear and absorb information from others conversations, making that emergency decision even easier.
Of course, the flip side is that the Monkey remembers everything you ever say to them. Of course, that can come back to bite you later.
Intelligence, quick thinking, creative genius make this sign well suited inventing new ways of doing things and new items. Of course, monkeys are good at creating trouble, too.
This combination of traits also means the monkey will hold you accountable if you commit a wrong against them. Their reputation is very important to monkey People, and they will not stop until they even the score.
To outsiders, this tends to make them look like master manipulators, but really they’re not.
The monkey is usually content with themselves and their lives. They have morals, but they tend to change with the circumstances. This usually has the tendency to make a mess of things, but in true monkey form, the monkey person doesn’t stick around long enough to help clean up the mess.

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