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The Winner’s Walk is a key strategy in the sport of life/business. When you meet somebody new, your perception of the person and what you feel about them is based 93% on body language. When you walk like a Winner, people will feel your presence and know you have something to offer.
We all know people who are always filled with confidence and walk like they have just won a Gold Medal in the Olympics.
The exciting part about your walking like a Winner is that people will want to be around you — to feed off your energy! As you progress in your day, take a moment and think to yourself, “Do I present myself as a winner?” If the answer is “no, then I will share with you a few secrets on how to walk like a winner.
Walking like a winner requires that you always walk with your shoulders back, chest out and at a slightly faster pace than usual. This is the key – even when life hits you on the blind side, you need to still walk like a winner because your physiology will empower you to move through whatever is mentally frustrating you.
When you walk into a meeting to market yourself or your product, people will feel your confidence and will want to hear what you have to say because they will feel your energy and enthusiasm. As you consciously practice the “Winner`s Walk, you will be walking like a WINNER in no time flat! ALL the time!
As you continue to master your body language, you will notice an increase in your personal production, because YOU will ACHIEVE WHATEVER YOU BELIEVE.
You walk the walk…the Winner’s Walk! I personally challenge you to walk like a Winner this entire week and see how things around you change! Walk like a Winner and you will be flying with the eagles!
Find your WHY and Fly!

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