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The Different Types of Soil

The soil is an essential part of any garden. It is where
the plants are cultivated, and if the soil is of a good
quality, the plants that grow there are evidently good as

While one cant finds the perfect soil for the perfect
garden all of the time, combining different types of soils
can produce the same effect. Below is a list of the common
soil types and what they do.

1. Sand

– this type of soil is known for its lack of ability to
hold water. This can be good in a way since this quality
helps prevent the roots of plants from getting soaked in
water for a very long time.

The only downside is that one has to water the plants more
often than other soil types.

2. Clay

– gets very sticky when wet. While this type of soil can
hold nutrients very well, It is unable to let in air and
water very well which could be detrimental to plants.

3. Silt

– is somewhat of a cross between clay and sand. This type
of soil holds a lot of nutrients like clay and doesn’t
retain water well just like sand.

4. Loam

– is the most ideal type of soil because almost every type
of plant will grow on this. It is because loam is
formulated using a good balance of sand, clay, and silt.

Just like silt and clay, It holds nutrients well. As for
water retention, is midway between sand and clay since
loam can hold water pretty well without draining It as
easily as sand would.

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