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How You Can Learn More About Astrology

If you have either a serious interest in astrology, or have simply become curious, there are so many potential resources that you may take a brief look at the seemingly-endless supply and become intimidated. How can a newcomer to the subject of astrology possibly navigate through so much information?
The answer is to begin with the basics. If you are a beginner, and uncertain as to what “the basics” consist of, some places are better equipped to provide this information in an easy-to-understand manner than others.
Rob Tillett, of Australia’s astrology On The Web, has been a practicing astrologer for over three decades. His articles on the astrology On The Web website begin with the most absolute basics, all clearly written in a manner which is easily understood by anyone, and progresses to much more detailed manners of analyzing.
Directed toward those who are newcomers to the subject of astrology, Mr. Tillett makes it clear that astrology is not a matter of showing a person what is inevitable, but how one’s own free will plays a most deciding role in the events which will eventually come to pass in one’s life. This information will give the beginner a sense of confidence and strength.
Mr. Tillet also explains in clear language about how astrology works. Without complicating the subject or risking confusion for the beginner with unnecessary technical terms, he describes what exists and how everything is connected.
Even the most non-technically-inclined newcomer will be able to understand Mr. Tillet`s explanations of astrology and his descriptions of how it all works. His articles on the astrology On The Web site are definitely the best place as one`s first source of information about astrology.
astrology On The Web is made up of a team of ten people, all of whom are very well-versed in the field of astrology in general, as well as being experts on a number of related topics, such as numerology and meditation.
While the website itself will provide a wide range of general information on all aspects of astrology, you can also order books or personal readings, if you wish. There is also a message forum where you can share information, questions, and insight with other people who have similar interests in astrology and its related fields.
If you are interested in the comparisons and differences between Indian astrology and Western astrology, the Vedic Encyclopedia is an excellent source for this information.
From the Vedic Encyclopedia you will first learn that while Western astrology is greatly affected by the modern world, the roots upon which Vedic astrology was initially based are as strong and continuous in the present-day as when this form of astrology first began.
To learn more about Chinese astrology, a good beginning would be to read the books on this subject written by Suzanne White. “The New Chinese astrology” and “Chinese astrology Plain and Simple” will give you the best overview of this specific form of astrology.
Whether you have already decided which form of astrology interests you the most, of if you would like to gain a basic understanding of each type in order to decide which suits you the best, these are three very good sources of information.

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