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The Secret of Law of Attraction that no one told you!

Law of Attraction Success Seminar
The following is an excerpt from the introductory lecture to Success given by coach Diego M. Katzman, MBA Entrepreneur, founder of Secretia and guru of self-improvement, wealth and prosperity techniques. Take advantage of it; You will soon be able to participate in this incredible live seminar.
And we can assure you, that nothing will be like before. In the meantime, you can begin to learn the best kept secrets for Success with the Secret of Absolute wealth, and by participating in our team’s Coaching program.
Are we everything we want and can be?
Let’s talk a little about the conditioning that exists that makes it difficult to overcome oneself… Isn’t there a feeling that one is already the way they are and that is the end of the story?… However, in parallel, all of us keep in a place of the mind an image of what “could be “, that is, our ideal scenario.
What if we seek, in an act of great imagination, to search in our head for that image, either of ourselves being rich, with family, or love or in the place we long for. Well, are you already thinking about that? Do you have a very clear image of your ideal reality?
Now we are going to ask ourselves very sincerely why it is that we are not in fact occupying that reality, if it is what we want in the depths of our soul…
Prejudices, Causes, Obstacles
Recordist the film “The Matrix ” ?. There are in fact ready-made models and prejudices, generated by a series of social sources, in order to keep one in a sort of reality parallel to one’s own ideal … here you have to do an exercise of the type of Alcoholics Anonymous,
which consists in seeing ourselves in this our reality and making a comparison with the ideal that we thought before, and doing it with complete sincerity and without mental obstacles … the result is usually a bit frustrating to think about it openly,
On the conscious level, but we are sensitive people and there is a reason why we are not here, right? … And it is that we all know that we are not the totality of what we could be …
But why?
Let’s advance a little, if you think so: Why aren’t we all that we could be? The possibilities of being are infinite, and we know well that our potentiality is also infinite.
We can mention both internal and external factors; Among the internal ones is, for example, the image you have of yourself, what you have been told that you are all your life, and among the external ones are institutions such as religion and the state in some way conspiring
(Hey, be careful with this word, don’t let us be blacklisted, rather on the black website?)
They do not have much gain for them that each one of us is a God or yes? it is much more lucrative that there is a God and that we are all his fearful servants.
I don’t know if you remember that other 1984 movie …. Or maybe we are being too paranoid and reality is not so tremendously manipulative, and in fact it gives a good place to freedom?
Empirically, however, it is undeniable that we are programmed NOT to be able to access certain of our own potentialities.
Among the external variables, there is also ethnocentrism, which generates that we cannot see the postulates of other cultures as legitimate, and thus we are – as it were – slaves of the one in which we were born …
Close to the Idea
If we did not have all these cultural and personal blindfolds, we could probably function much closer to the naturalness of a child, and we would be like babies in contact with natural laws.
But this basic clarity that the sages of humanity have shown since the beginning of time (see for example the teachings of the Tao Te Ching) have been censored, to the detriment of individual growth.
The Secret: Power of thought
What many call Attraction therapy, which is a great Success all over the world, and which emerges in part from this film that we have just seen, is simply systematic support (coaching) aimed at making a person aware of their Power to draw anything to himself through the use of his thought.
A friend of mine told me the other day that he had gone out with his car and when he was halfway there, he realized that he had not brought his driver’s license with him … a little further down the road, he saw a mobile of the police stopping vehicles at random … my friend began to get tense “don’t stop me” he thought, over and over again.
He wanted to appear indifferent and calm, but as is obvious, the police stopped him, and as is the custom in my country of origin, he was able to go home leaving him some bills !! (laughs), not now really … I’m sure you all know the feeling, it sure has happened to you sometime, right?
When you think “don’t stop me, don’t stop me” but somewhere you know that it is precisely because of that tune of thought that they are going to stop you. The first thing I want to say here is that, beyond all the theory that is here, there is an undeniable fact, and that is that all of us who are here have very little command of our thinking.
To graph my point, let’s do another little exercise: Try to think of something – whatever you want. I don’t know, for example, about a person you love. Each one of you think about that person for a minute. Not even for half a minute.
Fixed as you try to think about her, hundreds of other “accidental” thoughts come to your mind … such as “who is this guy who is talking”, “what do I have to do later”, and various other things ( not to mention that when I said “Think of anything”, almost no one could visualize a thought immediately!).
When my friend thought so strongly that for the love of God the police wouldn’t stop him, what he did was project two images: One was “Police”, the other “Stop.” The infinite mind (what is this? Is there such a thing?) Tunes only to this frequency. it doesn’t matter whether you add the word yes or the word no… it just captures the images you hold in your mind with intensity.
This is why in general many of our wishes are not fulfilled: Because we think of them the way we just think of the person we love: Interrupted, with a dirty, unclear signal. So let’s clarify this: The receiver (and here we are not going to talk about God, please!) Has at least two conditions:
The first is that you RECEIVE only clear, continuous, sharp thought.
The second is that it does not take into account semantic vicissitudes of the image, but only receives the image as it is displayed.
More Issues and Difficulties (if there weren’t so many, this seminar wouldn’t be necessary, right?)
In the Judeo-Christian tradition, God created the world not with his hands, or with money, or with a march in the square, but with the word. The word really does not represent more than a communicative function of thought. The bottom line is that God created the world with thought. This notion is not uncommon among most other peoples of mankind.
Another thing I want to convey: Everything that is linked to the positive (including, for example, being HIV-positive – look how far things extend in language! -) is today stereotyped as something between a little cheesy and unrealistic. The cynicism of our times has caused the Idea of ​​positive thinking to end up in the cultural imaginary along with a ghost or the cup game, has it not?
Returning to God, and although at this point it is almost obvious, I will point out that it is not by chance that it is written that we were created in his image and likeness … that we are designed to create and materialize with the simple help of thought.
The crux of this issue is that generally we are unable to say something as direct and concrete as “I want LIGHT”, we think “well, this, that is … I would like, if I can ask, no Maybe something that brings me Success with the girls … or being able to stay at home instead of going to work in the morning “.
Look at the difference: LIGHT. When darkness reigns, and the thought “Let there be LIGHT” appears, the vibrational level of the Idea is so high that it is practically impossible for it to be deodorizing.
The Coaching of the Attraction is simply to clear the thought of “accidents” and be able to meditate? Actually this is a principle, because when meditating we are not necessarily visualizing something and we have not attached the INTENTION that the visualization materialize.
There are, then, three different levels of action and thought: The first, to be able to clear the mind, and not allow ideas to move freely through it. The second is to keep in consciousness a clear, irreducible, visual and luminous Idea of ​​what we want to see come true. Anything.
The third is the intention, which actually accompanies the previous two from the beginning. After this, it remains to understand that the contemplation of that Idea does not vanish when we remove it from the focus of consciousness, but it tends to cling as we pass unconscious as long as we retain it.
I mean, the more you think about it, the more it echoes. Subconscious thinking is actually the most intensely connected in the end with the universal … as all of you – or at least those who have studied psychology know – the unconscious mind is technically speaking mind, whereas what we conceive as the self.
The focus of consciousness would be but a tiny portion of that mind that succumbed to evolution. Consciousness is little more than an illusion, but it has the winning card: The intention is exclusively yours.
Defining Success Asking for Success
In this seminar we said we were going to talk about Success. The word Success is in the name of the seminar, surely many of you approached because that word attracted them …
But what is Success? Can someone define what Success is for him or her? Yes, you, please ….. “Success is the realization of dreams”, “Success is to achieve independence”. Well, these ideas are really direct to me, apparently you two know what you want .
However, if I had to give a percentage of possibility that your Success materializes from your definitions (which is how you VISUALIZE that Success) I must say that this possibility is quite low … expressing that being successful is independence is nice, but independence is a concept, and is in principle composed of a series of thoughts.
The same happens with dreams … we all know what dreams are, but it is still a somewhat intangible notion … I want to tell you about a case that I heard Malcolm Gladwell say in a lecture recently, who wrote “The Tipping Point”.
Malcolm told us about a certain Howard Moskowitz, who according to him is the North American reinventor of tomato sauce. Let’s see: the Campbells company hired this Moscowitz to come up with the best tomato sauce possible … this was around the fifties.
Moscowitz did a series of tests and focus Groups (a term invented by the great inventor of In terms of Robert K. Merton, who in turn made one of the most important contributions to the concept of the Law of Attraction, we’ll see in a moment; stick with the name, Robert K. Merton.) hundreds of people about what their ideal tomato sauce would be.
people gave them answers such as “Ummm … I would say that with a lot of vegetables, but cut small”, “let’s see … tasty, very tasty and thick, although without losing the tomato flavor “or” not so liquid, although a little yes, and with many vegetables and other spices “, and many more answers of the style.
Moskowitz thought a lot, and could not find the formula that Campbell’s had commissioned him … he finally had a moment of genius, of enlightenment … and invented the today hyper popular “Extra Chunky” sauce, something like Extra Thick.
In Spanish, this anctiode leaves some semantic richness along the way, but those who speak English here, I imagine that almost everyone, will understand that the name “Extra Chunky” expresses with a lot of Power of synthesis what all people in one way or another I would tell him in interviews and focus Groups.
Moskowitz then began to invent many of the most popular products on the United States market, and obviously someone asked him at one point where his genius lay: The man was very blunt. in words.
Because the truth is that people DO NOT KNOW HOW TO SAY WHAT THEY WANT “… they have a vague Idea, in the best of cases a good Idea, but they cannot TRANSMIT it clearly. I find the IMAGE and the WORD that lies behind what they tell me they will like. ”
I do not know if it is necessary to say it, but this is 100 percent applicable to what we have been talking about: The problem with people is not that they do not want with enough passion, but that they have difficulty transmitting with absolute clarity what they want, and therefore This is because it has no interlocutor in reality.
Happens What Is Expected To Happen
Now I know, I’m going to finally tell you about Robert Merton and why the Success Seminar to offer soon is so special. This Mr. Merton invented, among other great and highly marketing terms, the Idea of ​​Self-fulfilling or Self-Realizing Profess (also known in some fields as the “Pygmalion effect”.
What is this? it is precisely what happened to my friend when he left without his license. as a driver; he feared so intensely that something would happen to him, and with his same fear he caused it to happen. Merton studied many cases where this happened, and with his study he established an important precedent in psychology.
Personally, I think it was a milestone, although in the scientific field it was not revolutionary at all … and this is reflected in the fact that it took a long time for someone to consider this phenomenon as something worthy of dedicating a treatment … fixed how incredible:
A subject scientifically demonstrates that people’s thoughts become their reality, and no one takes the lead and develops an “antidote” … it is true that there have been tons of streams of thought. positive, but nothing stands out that it has come from the field of science.
My Success seminar, which in a few days I will present for the first time in Spain, is the answer to that gap. it consists of putting into practice a series of scientifically proven techniques that detect and isolate the thoughts that will eventually lead to the reality that is feared, this future reality that at the beginning of this talk I called something like “inevitable” or “inescapable”.
Destiny that we have set for ourselves almost as a plan, and replaces them with others more akin to the goals that we managed to define after a thorough internal analysis … look, we will do the same.
Like Howard Moskowitz did with the name of ketchup, but with your own goals, we will define them as accurately as possible, and then we will give a series of commands to the central mind to “make official” the images of those goals. , such that they are imprinted on the Subconscious and function as the Attraction machine that they are.
imagine that the margin of error we are talking about is minimal.
Okay, who’s thinking that this can be done alone, in the bathtub, is really not entirely wrong (in an ideal world). it is not that I want to discourage you, but fixed if tonight when you are in the tub I succeed in engaging you properly to start up the force of Attraction. I wish you luck, with all my heart.
Personally – as many here must already know from my site – I have been blessed with these secrets, which some time ago I decided to share in the Pack The Secret of Absolute wealth available from … it took something like three years of transcribing, editing and translating all that material, most of which was English texts from the 10s and 20s.
Today I receive something like 50 letters a day from people who tell me how their life has changed since they have been able to do something SO simple but at the same time SO DRAINY as having a focus on thought.
And this is what is so incredible, that although we live under the illusion that we control our thoughts, the reality is that they control us, unless – as they say – we take the bull by the horns, And that is precisely what we are going to do ten days from now when we give the Seminar, which I guarantee will surprise you very much.
Tt is simply impressive to become aware of all the time and energy that we have wasted so far, just because no one stopped to reveal this Secret to us.
Do not stop being one of the thousands of people who already know The Secret of wealth. Click Here to learn more about this incredible discovery!

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