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Dominant by Day, Submissive by Night

This is no more men`s world. In the fast changing business scenario, women are taking up leads in many businesses and they have successfully made their presence felt in corporate world.
If you happen to be among other men working in private corporate houses owned and run by powerful businesswomen then perhaps you could imagine the dominant personality of these women.
These women own the leading business houses, wear powerful suits, running the whole show for the company, they are very determined to get something they once decided at any cost, who seems to be completely invincible in their approach.
They are very intelligent, sharp and sign millions worth of contracts in pretty short time and who with slightly disappointment looks can give many sleepless nights to their male employees.
In spite of all these dominant persona, perhaps, they are the most sexiest women and they are quite submissive in night. It is a general belief that dominant women behavior would be dominant too in night, however, It is furthest thing from the truth.
Simply because, every person is different with regards to their personality and they behave differently, variations in likes and dislikes and activities. Human psychiatrists are of the opinion that most of the dominant and fierce women in business believe to be completely subdued and ravaged by very strong man while making love.
While in intimate relationship, one must be dominant and other submissive. Studies show that two dominants or two submissive do have fantastic sexual relationship, but each will feel less psychologically satisfied because they could not express their dominant or submissive qualities.
A dominant woman prefers to be submissive during making love as she is able to achieve stimulation. It helps dominant women to enjoy intercourse without any anxiety or guilty and overcome all her emotions.
Since such women are too dominant and invincible in their career, It creates a constant stress on their nerves being women. They are ready to shed their dominance and willing to be submissive in bed atleast to satisfy their feminism.

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