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Water pond Safety

Who would have thought that a small water garden could be anything but safe? However, a couple of measures of precaution can help ensure that your magical water garden stays safe for everyone, including your goldfish! Remember, that if your water garden is deep enough for goldfish or koi, then its more than deep enough …

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landscape, landscaping

Growing Hibiscus

Before growing Hibiscus, a fair amount of planning is required. Do you want to grow them in your garden, use them for landscaping or hedging or keep them pots that can be kept indoors or out? What size and type of plant do you want? Potted culturing has to be confined to the smaller varieties. …

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landscape, landscaping

What kind of landscaping equipment do you need to have around the house?

Everyones home could use a little landscaping and if you want to do some landscaping you are going to need to have the proper landscaping equipment around in order to do it. There are a few integral pieces of landscaping equipment that you simply cannot do without. There are other pieces of equipment that are …

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landscape, landscaping

Deck Railings 101

A whole article dedicated to deck railings is hardly glamorous, but theres more to them than you think. Not only do railings reflect the style of the home, but they are required safety features. Here are some tips for deciding what type of deck railing design best suits your situation. Top Rails – Wood top …

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landscape, landscaping

Ultimate Deck And Patio Retreat For Easy Living

You can create a stress-free outdoor space that is comfortable, convenient, and low-maintenance. It`s easier than you may think. TV home improvement expert Ron Hazelton, a regular correspondent on Good Morning America and host of his own syndicated series, Ron Hazelton`s HouseCalls, has several easy ideas to create a relaxing, luxurious getaway, right in your …

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